Friday, 26 June 2009

Do not worry ...

Well ... this year ... I've been having a few choice opportunities to learn how to not worry, and how to put my faith in God. I have been tested ... and tried ... and I'm not sure I've necessarily come out the other side intact ... but I've definitely started to learn HOW to have faith in God.

I am a very caring person, and when things go wrong with my friends, I get very upset - and want to solve the problem myself, in whatever way causes the other person the least pain. But I'm learning that, yes, sometimes God can use you to alleviate the pain ... sometimes He wants to work in a different way. What I have learnt to do is to look at the events leading up to whatever has caused me to worry/stress, and to realise that NOTHING happens without a reason. This realisation enables me to look at the situation from a different light, to know that God is busy weaving a tapestry, and that He does nothing without a purpose. Therefore, the future is in His hands, and He will take care of it. We just need to be open to whatever He asks of us now (and sometimes that is not always the first thing that we have in mind), and to have faith in Him that although we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, that the end of the tunnel is there, and the light.