Saturday, 21 August 2010

Part 1. Internet Identity – why?

It is important to build an identity for yourself on the internet and manage your online reputation. Why? Because, if you are a professional, or trying to market a good or your skills, you need to appear professional.

When going for jobs, nowadays the first thing that a prospective employer, or even a client, will do is to search for you on the internet ... probably using Google. If you had a binge night on Saturday night, and stuck photos of you (very drunk) up on Facebook, will you be hired? Not likely.

  1. Identify what you want people to know you as. If you’re an Author, your internet identity needs to say ‘Author’. If you are a researcher, an internet marketing expert, or whatever, make sure your profile says that. EVERYWHERE!
  2. ALWAYS have a photograph of yourself, and use the same photo on EVERY website. It must be clean, and look good. Full face, eyes open, smiling, is the recommendation.
  3. Keep your profiles clean. This includes your own photos, links, blogs, and things others say. Be who you say you are.
Tip for the day: search for yourself on Google, and watch what comes up.