Thursday, 10 March 2011


Visible View of Pillar and Jets HH 901/902

On Sunday we watched the first episode of Wonders of the Universe. What a great documentary! I absolutely loved all of the graphics, the images, the history, the future history, everything. BUT - and yes, it's a big but - I have one problem: I can't swallow the theory.

It was stated at one point that "we are the cosmos made conscious" (paraphrased) - and furthermore, that life in the cosmos only exists for a very short window in time. Now, while the argument for this is relatively sound, it quite frankly depresses me. To be quite honest, I would probably commit suicide if I believed that this were true. Because to me, this means that our lives are worthless, and that there's no point in being alive. More than that, the mess that us human beings have made of this planet is bad enough without it being completely pointless (which it is anyway, even if, as a Christian, one believes that there is a reason behind the destruction) - which it would be if there was no point in being alive in the first place.

And finally, this still doesn't answer, for me, the question of "Why?" the cosmos exists in the first place, nevermind "How?". Also, why do we, each person on this "pale blue dot", have an inborn sense of right and wrong? I still have those questions running around my head unanswered if I am to believe the theory of the big bang and the final 'cold' of the Universe.

No. I prefer to have hope, placed solely on the person of Jesus Christ, as described in the revelatory Word of God, the Bible. This, in contrast to scientific theory, gives me a reason for living, and a reason for my life. It also answers the "Why?" and the "How?" questions to my satisfaction. And it also tells me why I know right from wrong.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather have hope than depression.