Saturday, 10 September 2011

SFFS Week 15

Good morning, and welcome to my SFFS tidbit for this week! I decided to give you something different to read this week. I haven't shared much from this story, but this is the start of one of my favourite scenes of anything I've ever written.

The working title of this WIP is The Contract, and it will be a novella (maybe) set in the Tahl Jighn Universe. More on that another time. Layni is mourning the death of her parents, and has taken refuge from an unwanted resident in her cabin. However, peace is a little hard to find .... 

She sipped at her Zentang; the tart, icy-cold liquid snaked its delicious way down into her gut. AH, now this was a remedy for sore minds and wounded hearts. She closed her eyes and leant her head back against the back of the seat. This booth had been the only curtained, private one available and she’d leapt at it, not even pausing to order at the counter. A waiter had had to attend her.

‘Is this seat taken?’

Layni sat up erect, eyes flashing in annoyance at the intrusion. She looked straight into the twin faces of a Helpie.