Saturday, 22 October 2011

SFFS 22/10/2011

Hi everyone! Although I'm tired (Friday night, long day), I need to keep my promise (the fact that I signed up) and give you a snippet to read.

First, though, some personal news for those who don't yet know. About seven weeks ago I began to suspect that I may be pregnant, and a few days later it was confirmed. So I am now 12 weeks pregnant with a little one.

Ok, back to topic then. I thought you may like to get to know the Helpie a little better. So, here's another snippet from The Contract.

‘Get out of my booth, or I’ll get the Barque to come and kick you out.’ A knot of fear tightened deep down.

‘That won’t be necessary ...’ – Con

‘... because we’re becoming friends.’ - Ner

‘We are Con-’

‘-Ner. What’s your name?’ A tentacle reached over the table and wrapped itself around her left hand.

‘That is for me to know and for you to scram...’ Layni gritted her teeth. Where were the waiters? They were supposed to monitor the booths.