Saturday, 21 January 2012

SFFS 21/01/2012

So it seems I'm taking part this week. I have no idea why! But thanks, peeps, for calling me back each week :-D Or do I call myself back ...? I'm confused.

This week's excerpt comes from The Talisman once again. These are the opening lines of the short story.

I love being with Granma. Her warmth and safety helps me forget the cold and stormy weather battering her cottage, and how things are at home. She’s my refuge; someone I can run to in times of pain and sadness, her smiles and hugs the golden threads running through my favourite memories of her. After Granma and Mama, Dada is my favourite person, but he died in a mining accident two years ago. I remember his kind smile beneath his moustache.
My name’s Carly Shadbourne, I’m eleven and I live in the village of Great Oxe with Mama and Kei. It’s quarter of a day’s horseback ride from Granma’s house.
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