Saturday, 10 March 2012

SFFS 10/03/2012

Hey all. Thought I'd share the beginning of another WIP with you this week. This one's currently called The Ship of Time, and I'm not entirely sure where the Muse is heading off to. It's going to be a steampunk scifi, and that's about all I know. So without further ado...

Awareness broke through the blankness of nothing like a candle lit in the corner of a very dark room. Fitful yet persistent, it drew the attention of the mind; a mind that hadn’t been used for a very, very long time. The mind noticed the sensation, but instinct took over, self-preservation its sole objective. The body began to shake, almost imperceptible at first, but gained in strength as the muscles became accustomed to the movement.


A red light blinked on above the opening in the bulkhead, its baleful glare dimmed by dust and grime. To anyone who may have been observing, it would have been a warning that the containment was failing. But there was no-one; for how long there had been no-one was anyone’s best guess, were anyone around to do so. So, unnoticed, the liquid that filled the opening burst its boundaries and dumped out onto the gangway, pulling the naked body it had nurtured until now, with its weight and depositing it on the metallic walkway with a dull thud. The liquid sheeted off the body and puddled below it until it reached the edge of the walkway and tumbled over it to disappear into the nothingness far below.
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