Saturday, 28 April 2012

SFFS 28/04/2012

I'm back with The Ship of Time this week, mostly because I've been writing it again. This stuff, though, was written in the first bout of writing when I initially embarked on the idea. The MC has, as we saw in the previous post, been in stasis, and the containment failed, leaving her lying on a metal walkway outside the alcove she had been housed in. She has now come to, and is beginning to explore.
Suspecting that her eyesight was fuzzy because of lack of use, she kept her eyes open, but deliberately blinked them often in the hopes they would adjust to being used sooner. Feeling her way, she found the raised edge of the opening to her left – the one that the green glow came from, and manoeuvred herself into a crouch with the help of the ledge, then pulling herself up to standing using the sides of the opening. Curious, she felt around the opening and discovered that it was quite a small, smooth alcove. Tapping the walls told her it was made of metal. She moved just right of the alcove, feeling with her hands along the wall. Not far from the edge of the alcove she came across a raised surface. She traced it out – it felt like the type of plaque one would find next to a door that tells you what’s through it. It puzzled her that she made these associations as she made discoveries since, so far as she could tell, she had no memories.
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