Wednesday, 7 December 2011

God's Name is to be Praised

Over the years that one lives, one meets many types of people. Some are similar (hopefully not "the same"), while others are different. Surely, if we were all the same, life would be boring?

Having said that, the one oil that helps the world go around is respect. Namely, respecting other's beliefs and the fact that they may differ from one's own. We all have our own pasts, our own futures, and our own reasons for being who and what we are, and none of those makes any of us a lesser person than the next.

There are those out there (and sometimes closer to home) who believe that if one believes in (has faith in, trusts in) God, then one is somehow failing in the logic department. I completely disagree. It is the discipline of science, for example, that taught me how awesome my God is. How immense is that universe beyond the borders of this Earth? How minute can the marvels of organisms and cells be? And how beautiful is ALL of it?! These are a few of my reasons for believing in God - or at least, that reinforce my conviction that God exists - for starters.

I appreciate every one of my friends who does not believe what I do. And I also appreciate those who believe the same.