Saturday, 17 December 2011

SFFS 17/12/2011

I thought I'd join in the last SFFS round for 2011! Thank you to each of you who come by today and read this post.

This is the end of Layni's scene with the Helpie - or is it? - from The Contract. Enjoy!
Layni dreaded to contemplate the type of fun, except little was being left to her imagination. Already the two tentacles at her waist were working to loosen the ties that bound her clothing to her, and one stray was leaving no illusions as to its desired destination. She clamped her knees together.

‘Oh no, my pretty. We can’t have that.’ That one was Ner.

A tentacle heretofore unoccupied grabbed her hair and pulled her head backwards. The stray one, working together with the ones around her knees and ankles ...
You can view snippets from the other authors in the SFFS ring here.

Merry Christmas to each of you, and a wonderful New Year!