Saturday, 25 May 2013

SFFS 25/05/2013 - Takeover Bid

Welcome to this week's snippet for SFFS. It is another extract from Takeover Bid, continuing on from last week's snippet. I hope that you all enjoy it :-)
Then he left the room, the door sighing closed behind him to meld seamlessly with the wall.
The vaulted hallway echoed with his sharp footsteps as he headed towards the far end, past the twin reception rooms, the sauna and the swimming pool. He would go for a swim after dinner.
He entered the psych room and the door closed behind him. Already he felt some of the tension of the day leave him. He rolled his shoulders and stretched his head back, taking in a deep breath as he did so.
The room was designed with peace and harmony in mind. It served a triple purpose: meditation sanctuary, dojo and psi gym. The floor was carpeted, a plush beige pile. The walls, and the door, were soundproofed, and formed four floor-to-ceiling projection screens.
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