Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Did God or Didn't God?

Originally posted on the blog "Honest Investigations" on the 4th November 2010

People argue that others who believe in a creator God (in a God who created the universe) 'invoke' God as an answer to the 'where did we come from?' question - usually in opposition to the Big Bang/Evolution theories. I can understand their reasoning. After all, if one doesn't believe in any type of supernatural (or even natural) deity or life, then only the physical remains.

My reading today is from John 10:10: I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. Circa 2,000 years ago, a man walked on this planet who revealed himself to be God, and who revealed God's desires to all mankind. He was unconventional, but his presence made a real difference to some other very real people. He cared for the 'little' people: those who society overlooked, trod down and derided. The blind, the lame, the sick. He said things that, today, everyone respects - even if they don't remember who originally said it. He also spoke of life for eternity, something that we all, if we care to truly search our hearts, desire. He is the ultimate 'role model' for all mankind. He personifies the 'good' that we all want to be.

My question today is this: given an option between 70 or so years of life on this planet, and no more life whatsoever, or an eternity of life, which would you take? 

Oh yes, there is a tiny catch. You need to accept that you aren't perfect. But seriously, that shouldn't be too  hard - do you live up to your standards for yourself? Well ... God gives us a get-out clause for that too .... Jesus paid the ultimate price so that He can live up to God's standards for you. Why take the chance of losing out on eternal life? Personally, I'd rather stand the chance of gaining it than risk losing it.