Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Outcasts - good or bad?

Ok, so I started watching Outcasts because my husband thought it was filmed in South Africa (which it is), where we're from. For sure, as so many people have commented, it has been difficult to get into, but for me it has grown with each episode. I now cannot wait for the next one.

I personally thought that this latest episode (5/8) was fantastic - especially the reveal. Throws a whole new light onto Julius Berger's antics - I never did trust him, and would still quite happily slap! ... but still leaves one wondering just who to trust. Is Julius really bad, or is it Tate ... or someone else entirely? Who are the pawns and who are the movers?

And yes, Carpathia is definitely playing with it's residents ... intriguing that people are "seeing things". There's definitely more to this series than people give it credit for, and I for one devoutly hope that they do not stop at this one season.

Oh - and just who are the outcasts? Is it the ACs, or is it in fact, the residents of Forthaven?