Saturday, 16 July 2011


Welcome to my snippet this week. I'm going to be continuing from my previous sentences from The Thalladium. I am skipping a few sentences to a paragraph that makes a bit more sense. At this point of the story Kate, who is holding Petay, has found that he has a fever. She has asked him if she can help him to get better so that he can play with his friends again - he agreed (who wouldn't?). However, she then hit a snag in asking James to get some water for Petay to drink, as her explanation was that he had a fever. She has had to explain to James what a fever is, and how to help someone who has a fever (give them liquids to drink, perferably cool, to help bring the temperature down). I hope that you enjoy it :-)

James nodded, although I could see that he still didn’t quite understand. Kneeling down in front of Petay and I, he took Petay’s little hand. “I’ll be back just now, ok? I’ll have some water for you to drink, and we’ll work together to help you get better. Ok?” Petay nodded his acceptance and James left, taking a couple of the youngest children with him.