Saturday, 23 July 2011

SFFS Week 8

Welcome to another SFFS posting. There are several other authors who take part in SFFS, and you can read the six sentences that they have posted here. We do this primarily to share some of our writing, and occassionally to receive critical (constructive) feedback. If you are new to this, are a writer, and would like to take part, it is open to all and any comers, provided that the rules of the "game" are adhered to.
My six sentences this week follow on from last week's, so we again meet Kate and Petay in The Thalladium, one of my current WIPs.

“Petay, can I look at the bite? I’ll try not to hurt you more.”

Again I got a whispered yes in reply, so I began to take a careful look at the leg. It was clear that nothing had been done to clean the wounds, and the little leg was very mucky, with blood, pus and dirt, and pale. It would seem that my first idea – of getting it washed in the sea in the absence of any other treatment – was going to be the solution. At least it would give little Petay a fighting chance.