Saturday, 11 February 2012

SFFS 11/02/2012

Greetings! It's good to have you all back again this week. And as I said, I'm sticking with one story for now, so here's the next instalment from Am I Dreaming?
Time passes, and as I watch the rain that was morphs into sleet, and after a while snow begins to fall, dragging the darkness away and overlaying it with a glare. Mesmerised, I lay my pen down on the pad and move to sit on the window seat, arms leaning on the sill, to gaze out as tentative white patches begin to form on the ground, the plants, the car, the trees. The flakes grow, and before long, there must be at least an inch of snow on the ground. Thicker, faster, and I’m unaware of anything but the rhythm of nature as the white blanket is laid, bringing the world to slumber.

A glint in the copse over the road catches the corner of my eye, and I adjust my head to focus. Not seeing anything there, my eyes drift away again, but another tug at my senses brings them snapping back to the trees. Not to be caught again, I watch, and am rewarded by a strange sight. A bright green light, encased in a hazy green halo, is drifting through the trees just below the bottom-most branches, which I know to be a little higher than I am tall. It darts from one tree to the next, only visible when moving, which is why I didn’t see it earlier.

As always, I'm not the only one taking part in the SFFS ring, so please do read some more great snippets here.