Saturday, 18 February 2012

SFFS 18/02/2012

Welcome back! This week, as promised, I'm serving up another snippet from Am I Dreaming? Also as promised, it follows on from last week's instalment.
Curiosity stirs within me, a whorl of questions tugging at my mind. What questions they are, though, eludes me. The throb of my heartbeat takes over my body, bringing relaxation that is almost sensual, a protection from the cold. Where did that thought come from? As though on automatic, I cross the room, throwing on my dressing gown and slippers, head down the stairs and out through the front door. Sense barely registers, although I can confirm that I’m not freezing cold as I should be. The snow radiates warmth like the baking sand on a tropical beach, and I long to sink myself into it. But no, the tug of that green light is too strong and I make my robotic way down the path, across the road, over the fence and into the copse.

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