Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Creativity and God

A topic such as creativity as I've been discussing over the last few days naturally leads me to thoughts of God, since I believe him to be the ultimate creator. It is a real blessing that our creations, characters in our stories, do not have freedom of choice and an ability to turn their backs on us, to deny us as their creators. I think that it would tear us apart if such a thing were to happen.

So what of God? We read in the story of creation that everything that God created, he pronounced to be good. He knew what he was doing when he created the universe, the solar system, Man. And it was good. As the ultimate judge of what is good, I would argue that he knew what he was talking about. Nothing needed to be changed. No tweaks here, squeaks there. It was, in a word, perfect.

And then we went and spoilt the party. We turned our backs on him, denied him as creator ...

Knowing how it feels to create something, I wonder how this all makes God feel. Actually, I know how it makes him feel. The Bible tells us that, as Jesus stood looking out over Jerusalem, he wept. He likened himself to a mother hen who wishes to bring her chicks under her wings to protect them.

As much as it pierces our heart when people criticise our creative efforts, even more so, I am sure, it pierces God's heart when we turn our backs to him, trying to deny his existence even as we breathe. And yet, even then, He loves us so much that he chose to become one of us, to be killed by us, so that he could die in our place so that we could return to Him. Just how awesome is that?!