Thursday, 16 September 2010

Out of Steam

Have you ever found that you've just run out of steam? This is precisely where I've been for the last few months. Somewhat emotionally and mentally burned out, and just plain zombied.

Some of my friends may argue with me, but I've actually withdrawn quite a lot. I don't talk to as many people online as I used to, and I'm not actively pursuing many of my usual projects. I'm not entirely sure where this started, but I suspect it may have been after the last doctorate that I edited. That was, after all, the third doctorate within the space of a year, and it cannot be ignored that a lot of work goes into editing doctorates!

The most concerning part is that I've lost the energy to write - or is that the energy to edit? I'm supposed to be editing my novel, for starters, and then looking at expanding it - but I just can't bring myself to really do it. I dabble here and there, but actually concentrating on it is beyond me. Not even the lure of a competition is pulling me to getting into this.

I don't think this is procrastination. Not this time. This lethargy is affecting too many areas. It would make more sense if it was just focussed on the writing ... but I'm still coming up with ideas and inventing stories ... just not for the one that I'm meant to be working on.