Saturday, 11 September 2010

Down in the depths ...

I have to be honest, I'm dreading the coming months. Where did my joy in the seasons disappear to?

I have now weathered five northern (read British) winters. Being South African, and growing up where I did (near the coast), I only ever saw snow that was far away on the mountain-tops. And also, it was only really cold for 3-5 months of the year - not the nine or so that one gets here in the UK. The changes in the seasons fascinate me - because they are so clear here in the Northern Hemisphere. One didn't really sense them so well down south. But besides all that, I have always loved each winter - snow, frost and all ... till the last one. So what changed?

You see, last November I got depressed. Summer-time just seemed to be sooooooo far away. Between where I was standing and summer were many months of freezing cold (and as it turned out, more snow than I'd seen in my life to date, which was great!). So, it got me down.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE winter. I love all that it stands for. Christmas time (ok, in this hemisphere only), snow, freezing fog, LOOOONG nights ... I love it - and I'm not just trying to convince myself of that, I honestly do.

What I fear is the depression. I don't want to feel like that again this year.