Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Birds and Flowers

I'm starting to realise just how much the birds and the flowers of the field rely on God for His provision. Their lives are more fleeting than ours, yet how much does he care for them? He gives them food, he gives shelter, he gives sun and rain.

And how much more does he care for us? Us who can choose to go our own ways. Us who are obstinate and selfish.

And from what I can see, the clincher is that we build for ourselves a society that relies on ability to do work. We do work in order to earn money, in order that we can purchase food and other supplies - including things we want but do not need. We do not keep in mind that every penny or cent that we earn ultimately comes from God.

What would happen if we lost our ability to work, or our ability to function in society? The Bible tells that a time will come when the followers of Jesus will be unable to purchase food or supplies from the powers-that-be of this world. What will we do then? That is when the true believers, those who trust completely and utterly on God for EVERYTHING will stand up to be counted. Would that I were one of those - even now as I work.

If I'm brave enough to let go and let God.