Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Where does my peace come from?

For the last year or so I’ve been trying to 'find' my identity. At times this has been a rather frantic search; especially when I came across others whose identities appeared to be pretty secure. Those who have followed me closely over this time will have seen me doing many things, such as:>

Starting new projects that fizzled to nothing pretty quickly;
Investigating the concept of identity;
Trying to define creativity.
Chopping and changing my Facebook profile and Pages;
Writing my bio;

The list probably goes on, and may even include things that I’m blind to.

At one of the church services on the 31st July, however, it came to my attention that I’ve been wandering around in the dark searching for meaning, searching for purpose. I say 'in the dark' because, in my newly-educated opinion, I was looking in all the wrong places. The right place to look, not even place to look, but person to trust by faith, is God Himself. It is He from whom I derive my meaning and my purpose.

I cannot say that I have all the answers. I do not know the meaning of everything, and my purpose is also hidden to me, but my relief, and my peace, comes from knowing that I don’t need to search any further. I am happy to trust in the one who I know will give my life meaning and purpose one day.