Saturday, 13 August 2011

SFFS Week 11

Welcome to my posting for this week. For those who are first-time readers, SFFS is a ring of authors who share snippets of their speculative fiction writing. You can find out who the rest of the tribe are here. Please do go there and read (and perhaps comment) on their pieces once you're done here, as they are each fabulous!

My snippet this week follows on from Week 10's extract from The Thalladium, my WIP. It is in first draft form, so please bear with any "bad" writing.


With the other children following, I waded into the sea, still carrying Petay, and when I was in knee-deep I put Petay down to stand in the water and I sat down in the water next to him, careless of my clothes. Resting his ankle on my knee just below the surface of the water, I proceeded to wash the leg as gently as I could. It took a while, but eventually the wound came was clean. Not once had Petay complained of pain, when I was sure it must have stung quite a lot; even when some blood had gently flowed as abrasion had cleaned dried blood away.

Finally I carried Petay from the sea, returning to the rock we had been sitting earlier. The other children gathered around to see what I was going to do next.