Tuesday, 19 October 2010

AH ..... the bliss ....

... of an early night!

This last weekend I was late every night. Have you ever tried that? You sit at your computer, working away ... but as you work, the strength drains out of you. You feel your muscles getting droopy, and have to fight extra-hard to stay awake. Cheeks begin to hurt, eyes battle to stay open and your back gets tense. 

Ok, so, many people do late nights. But I find myself less and less able to do it. Especially if it's a string of them. I still don't quite fathom how I used to go for weeks on 5 hours' sleep a night at uni. Perhaps it was the midnight snack at the Steers downtown!

Ah well ... last night, it was just bliss to lay my head on the pillow at 10pm, knowing that I had done my work, and done it to the best of my ability.