Friday, 1 October 2010

What catches your eye?

I wanted to chat about this image - simply because it fascinates me. It is quite by chance that I took the photo. My mind was focussed on other scenes round about, and my husband had been taking photos of two juvenile ducks who were completely unafraid to come within centimetres of a human. I suspect they were expecting food!

He had just finished photographing the ducks, and we were about to leave the riverside when I spotted this leaf. I just couldn't resist snapping this shot. And of all the photos that I took that day, this is the one that, for some strange reason, stands out the most. Perhaps it's because I love streams - the running water always calms me and brings me a sense of peace - and I can sense the movement of the water around the rock in this picture. There is also the fact that the leaf stands out from the rest of the image.

What I do know is that there's always beauty around us if we care to open our eyes and look. This piece of beauty caught my eye. What catches yours?


  1. It is beautiful. And very autumnal.

  2. That it sure is ... and what an October day!!

  3. It is a lovely photo.

    What catches my eye, however, is a great smile. Especially if it's attached to a guy who exudes . . . fun. Who isn't afraid to flash a smile - that might be saying a lot.

    So I guess I'm more of a people watcher than a nature watcher. Tho this is a great pic, Laurel.

  4. Wow, nice picture! What stands out to me(in the picture) is the contrast in colour, the red leaf, the green algeai and the crystal clear water!

  5. Cool ... and apart from this picture?