Sunday, 3 October 2010

Heads Up

I have been at a loss for something to write today - mainly because my mind has been on other things. Instead of going with any of my existing plans, I thought I'd share with you just what my mind has been on. Well - up to a point. I am a writer, after all!

Christmas is my absolutely favourite time of the year. It has been this way ever since I can remember - probably since I was at least 4 years old - and every year is the same. Being a Christian, the story of the nativity is very precious to me, but so too is everything attached to this time of year - Christmas tree, presents, Father Christmas, Christmas carols ....

When I was about seven years old I wrote a nativity story. It was the entire Nativity story from start to finish, all the bells, whistles and carols that I could think of .... and trust me, I knew my topic. It was a LOT!  This particular venture was recorded on cassette - which has been lost over time, to my relief, as it has been both a great source of embarrasment (for me) and amusement (for others).

The dream of telling a Christmas Story has, however, not left me. In fact it has grown stronger over the years.

I have therefore decided that, over the month of December, starting at the first Sunday of the Advent, I will be posting a Christmas story on this blog. Now, please don't start groaning at 'yet another' Christmas story. I can probably guarantee you that you will not have read one quite like what I have in mind.

Now .... I'd better go and plot my course by the stars ......


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned out :D big hugs