Friday, 22 October 2010

Collecting Christmas Carols, Songs and Poetry

I am busy collating a list of (and the lyrics for) Christmas Carols and songs. It certainly will not be a definitive list, but I would find it helpful if people could let me know what their favourite Christmas Carol or song is.

You will see that I haven't mentioned poetry yet, and that is because the criteria here is slightly different. I would like to have NICE poetry. For those who don't know, back in December 2004 I watched 'The Nation's Favourite Christmas Poems' on BBC here in the UK, and was bitterly disappointed at what I heard. I wrote this poem in reaction to what I had heard, I was so upset. At the time I did not consider myself to be either a writer or a poet, but I personally feel that the poem is pretty good!

If you give me any poetry suggestions, then, I am looking for poetry that does NOT include a rendition of a drunken office party!! Please. :-)

I am very grateful in advance for any assistance that I get!