Thursday, 28 October 2010

... shakes head ...

Last night as I was driving to visit a friend, a fellow-road user did something that really left me wondering. You see, en route to my friends house there is a toll bridge (the Swinford Toll Bridge, for those interested), the usage of which costs 5p (yes, that is five whole pennies) per pass. Seriously, it does NOT cost a lot, even if one uses it every day twice a day!!

Now, my dear fellow road-user decided that they apparently either did not have five pennies on them, or couldn't be a***d to pay any. So what do they do. Well, I pulled up behind them, and noticed that they were approaching the toll booth really slowly. Then the shot off, almost paused as they passed the booth, and then went on over the bridge. Simultaneously the occupant of the booth turned around to notice them disappearing into the distance. It was about then that I realised what they'd done. I pulled up alongside, the occupant of the booth and I shook heads, exchanged wry smiles, I handed over my five pennies, and went on my way.

My question is, why couldn't this individual just have pulled up alongside the booth, admitted to not having 5p, and then gone on their way? There was nothing the money-taker could have done to prevent them from proceeding (there is NO space to turn around), but surely a little courtesy, honesty and such like is ... decent? But no, they decided to be ... dishonest ... and just sneak past while the money-taker's back was (albeit very briefly) turned.

... shakes head ...

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  1. Some people can be real road hogs... sad really... but well maybe they will learn their lesson someday, atleast you could be honest and polite enough to merely obey the law and you might've made the tollgate dude's day... God bless! :)