Thursday, 9 December 2010


A Christmas Medley - 9th December

O grant us through our day of grace
With constant praise to seek Thy face;

Life's so unfair. Why is it me every single time. What do I have to do to have friends who remember me when something is going on. Sally, she knows how I feel about being left out of stuff, yet she's going and doesn't remember to ask me to go. Some days I wonder why I even bother to go out of the house. And why do I think I'm any good at anything? Argh! I could punch a wall, maybe the pain will help. But no, I sit here, practicing the piano like a good student, and they're all going to the skate party. Why, oh why?! It's just so not fair that I'm left alone in the evening. Yeah, I know that I'm going to the carol singing that night, but they don't know that. I should feel better because I'm already doing something, but it doesn't help. The fact is, I've been forgotten, yet again. What is it about me that makes people forget I exist? It's not like I'm any different to them? Judy, even Matt is going! Why him? He's weirder than I am! So what makes him get remembered, while I get forgotten. Even Judy shouldn't have forgotten me. How can she think that I'd not want to go, or not be invited, even if I were to say no. I've hardly seen her this week - she doesn't know about the carol singing. What type of a friend is she? I just wonder why I bother. I just get forgotten, every time. It's just no use anymore.

Song extract from "Break forth, O beauteous heavenly light"