Thursday, 2 December 2010


A Christmas Medley - 2nd December

'Hey Judy,' Sam greeted her friend as she found her sitting in the cafeteria at lunch time. 'How's your day going?'

'Oh, mine's ok,' Judy answered, clearing the table of her books so that Sam could join her. 'And yours'?

'Ok,' Sam shrugged as she sat down with her food, dropping her bag on the chair alongside. 'Actually, really weird.'

'Huh? How's that?'

'Well, you see, I had this dream last night. Actually, I'm not sure that it was a dream, really. You're going to think I'm mad,' Sam looked at Judy.

'Try me,' Judy answered, opening her hands in a welcoming gesture.

'Hmmm. I'm not sure I should even tell you,' Sam looked at her food, worrying over whether or not this dream was for her alone, or for her to share. She shook her head. 'Well, basically, I dreamt that I was with the shepherds in the Bible when the angels came to tell them about Jesus' birth. It was really strange, and really ... Judy, I think I was really there!'

Judy watched her friend. She had seen something different about Sam today. She seemed to be more at peace today than Judy had sensed for a long time. Whatever had happened last night, it was good.

... O weary, weary were the world,
But here is all aright.

The words came unbidden to her mind, an old poem that she had read years ago. And with them, peace.

Extract from 'A Christmas Carol' by Chesterton


  1. Aw, nice installment. I'm glad Sam's feeling more at peace with herself!