Friday, 10 December 2010

A Silent Wish

A Christmas Medley - 10th December

A silent wish sails the seven seas
The winds of change whisper in the trees ...

'Um, how's your day been?' Matt asked, swallowing nervously.

Sam tamped down on her annoyance to answer, politely, 'It was fine thanks, and yours?'

'Oh, mine was great,' Matt replied. Sam rolled her eyes. Here goes, she thought, and sure enough, 'I managed to get a tricky little problem solved in one of my projects that I'm working on for a client. Have you heard of Kinet Systems?'

Sam groaned inwardly. Not only was she walking next to him, but now he expected her to know about some stupid thing, a business maybe.

Barely managing to hide her frustration, she replied, 'Nope. I've never heard of them.'

'Well, I'll tell you more about them sometimes. You'll be impressed.' Sam bit her tongue. 'Are you going to the ice skating tomorrow night? If you aren't, would you go with me?'

Sam's heart beat a little faster in her chest, but 'I'm not going - I'm going to be busy.' Grudgingly she added, 'We're going carol singing at the care home.'

'Why don't you come along after? I don't mind coming to pick you up. You know I've got a bike?' Matt tried to encourage her.

Sam chuckled inwardly. How envious was she of his freedom on that bike, 'Can I ask my Mom and see what she says? I can let you know on Facebook in the morning?'

'Sure,' Matt smiled, pleased.

Song extract from "When a Child is Born"


  1. I can't believe she was seriously considering turning him down, after the last post complaining she never got invited anywhere?!

  2. I've been where she is. When one's so fed up about being 'forgotten', even when the opportunity arises one can reject it. And she did kindof want to go ... she just doesn't really want to go with HIM ...