Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A Ray of Hope

A Christmas Medley - 22nd December

A ray of hope flickers in the sky
A tiny star lights up way up high ...

'Sam, I really need to talk to you,' it was an out-of-breath Judy. 'When can we meet up?'

'I'll be at home all afternoon. Want to come over?' Sam answered, puzzled.

'No, I'd rather not. Could you meet me at the coffee shop on the corner? It's really important,' Judy asked anxiously.

'Sure, is three o'clock ok?'

'Yup. See you there.' And they hung up.


'It wasn't at all what you assumed. Sam, he'd just bought himself a new part for his computer!' Judy said excitedly.

'Why do I get the sense you want us to be together?' Sam asked, getting frustrated. 'And what do I care about a computer?'

Judy took a deep breath. Then she continued. 'Yes, I do want you to be together. Remember that night skating? I'd never seen either of you as happy as you were that night. Sam, that is who Matt is. He's a gentleman. Alright, a slightly geeky one! But never doubt him, he knows how to treat a lady properly.'

'And what makes you suddenly the expert on Matt? How about me?' Sam questioned her friend.

'Because I'm further away from him than you are, I've been able to get to know him better than you have. And no, us together wouldn't work. Remember, Sam, you hated him till a short while ago ...'

'And I hate him now,' Sam affirmed, but she was beginning to feel that that wasn't quite true.

'Oh Sam. Just think about it, alright?' Judy urged. 'But I hope that you'll trust that I'm telling you the truth, because that is what I am telling you. He still cares deeply for you - and I know that he's been really hurt the last few days.'

Song extract from "When a Child is Born"