Friday, 3 December 2010


A Christmas Medley - 3rd December

'Mom, can I go down to the church hall tonight?' Sam called from the lounge.

'What's happening there?' her Mom replied, 'And come through here to the kitchen - there's no need to shout.'

Sam got off the couch and went through to the kitchen, a spring in her step. She scooped her little brother Billy out of his chair, cooing at him. 'They're having a practice for the Nativity play, and I want to be in it. Judy told me that I can go along this week if I still want to be in it. Please can I go?'

'How are you going to get there? You know I can't drop you off or fetch you, and Dad's away.'

Sam felt her heart sinking. 'Can't I just walk there? It only takes twenty minutes, and it's well lit all the way.'

'I'd rather you didn't. Why don't you phone Matthew? I know he's in it, and I'd be happier if you were with him. He's such a nice boy.'

... He tried hard to help me
You know, he put me at ease ...

Sam's heart dropped to her shoes. She couldn't stand Matt. He just annoyed her. It didn't help that he lived just two houses down, or that her Mom was best friends with his. She thought about saying she wouldn't bother going, but then she remembered her dream. She hugged little Billy to her.

'Ok. I'll give him a ring and see if I can walk down with him. Thanks Mum!' She kissed Billy on the cheek, and handed him back to Mom. She still wasn't too happy at asking Matt to walk her, but if it meant her being in the play .....

... I wish I had a river
I could skate away on.

Extracts from River, by Joni Mitchell


  1. Awww at Sam having to walk with someone she doesn't like, but at least she'll get to be in the Nativity!